Frank Lloyd Wright: The Romantic Spirit


In Frank Lloyd Wright: The Romantic Spirit, Carol Bishop’s paintings and photographs capture both the radiant energy and the ephemeral quality of Wright’s architecture. Bishop’s work also reveals how Wright’s architecture inspires thoughts and feelings about the harmony between nature and humanity.

Carol Bishop

Carol Bishop is Associate Professor of Art at Los Angeles Valley College and teaches courses in art history, advanced drawing, painting, and design. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb and her Ph.D. at Union University in Cincinnati. Bishop’s paintings, photographs and installations reflect ideas on architecture and place. Her work is informed by the character of structures and the people who build, design, finance, or use them. Rather than documenting forms, Bishop is interested in connecting to environments, sites, places and buildings to pull rhythms and ideas in search of the essential spirit.


In this book, stemming from a deep emotive connection to Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, Carol Bishop captures its radiant energy with an inherent understanding of Wright’s design philosophy. Bishop has made a pilgrimage across the United States focusing on Wright. In Frank Lloyd Wright: The Romantic Spirit she employs a unique combination of photography and paint which exudes an ephemeral quality that perfectly expresses the experience of Wright’s buildings. She says, “Through photography I reveal how his architecture can force us to think and feel about the harmony between nature and humanity. Wright’s romantic philosophy invites us into a dialogue about the way design fuels the spirit of human potential.”

The artwork from this book was the subject of an exhibition at the Huntington Museum, Pasadena, California, in October 2005 and was displayed a the FLW National Convention in 2005.

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114 pages, Introduction by Margo Stipe

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    Margo Stipe, Art Collections Administrator Frank Lloyd Wright Archives, Taliesin

    “The images give these architectural icons an aura of near Hawthorne-esque romanticism, imbuing them with a dreamlike quality bordering, in some instances, on ethereal monumentality.”

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