Submission Guidelines
Balcony Press is interested in manuscripts on art, architecture and design topics. Books normally take a historic or cultural slant as opposed to technical, biographical or how-to. 

If you are planning to submit an idea for a photography book please be sure there is a strong cohesive idea, that it is unique, and that you have a qualified writer lined up to prepare accompanying text.

Submit proposals via e-mail or mail to:
Balcony Press, 812 Fremont, Suite 205, South Pasadena, CA 91030

Proposals should include the following:
  • Book title and brief summary of the book's content
  • Proposed length of manuscript and approximate quantity of illustrations, photos, etc.
  • Description of the audience for the book and any ideas you have for promoting it
  • What is unusual about the book and what is the competition?
  • Author biography or resume
  • Suggested table of contents
  • Sample chapter and introduction
  • SASE for anything you want returned-- MANDATORY
In general:
  • Authors are responsible for providing all photos, illustrations and permissions to be used in the book.
  • No royalty advances or expenses are offered.
  • Royalties are 10% of net revenues from book sales.
  • Proposals will be responded to within 1 month.
  • Full manuscript will be responded to in 3 months.