132 pages, 7 x 7 inches
160 color photographs
ISBN 1-890449-02-4
$24.95 sc
April 1999

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"At last a clever book with so many precious addresses! The French are inventive, tasteful and individualistic. I go to most of these shops myself--treasures!"
--Leslie Caron, actress

You've seen the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame; you've stood in line and been jostled by tourists. Now it's time to explore the real Paris. There is no better place to find it than in the boutiques selling crusty bread and creamy cheese, witty hats and serious kitchenware, luxurious lingerie and useful works of art. Shop windows and intimate interiors distill the qualities we most admire in the City of Light: a love of fantasy and tradition, of craft and style, and the gift of doing simple things well. Michael Webb has chosen fifty of the most intriguing shops in Paris for their individuality and the beauty of their displays. New and old, tiny or expansive, they engage all the senses, and reveal the true character of the capital. Whether you make the trip from your armchair or hop on the next plane, this book will guide you, in words and pictures, through the windows of Paris.

The Author
Michael Webb was born in London and has lived in Los Angeles for twenty years but he fell in love with Paris at an early age and has been exploring it ever since. He is the author of fourteen books on architecture and design including New Stage for a City, Architecture/Design LA, The City Square, Architects House Themselves: Breaking New Ground, several recent monographs on residential architecture, and Hollywood: Legend and Reality. He is the executive editor of a new series of city guides, and a regular contributor to Architectural Digest, Metropolis, the Los Angeles Times, and several European publications. He was formerly Director of National Film Programming for the American Film Institute in Washington, DC, and was named a Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres for his service to French cinema.