Photographs by Hedrich Blessing Photographers
Mick de Giulio with
Karen Klages Grace
The Gamble House CookBook
256 pages
10" x 10 "
250 color images
ISBN: 978-1-890449-54-4
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KITCHEN CENTRIC puts a new spin on the kitchen design book offering readers an art book, a fantasy book and even a bit of a field guide. Internationally known kitchen designer Mick De Giulio takes readers on a guided tour through 18 of his favorite kitchen projects in urban lofts, suburban homes, manor houses, mountain retreats, and an early 20th-century barn.
                The tour of delicious photographs (shot specifically for the book by Hedrich Blessing Photographers) rolls through these kitchens, one after the next, like short films. Words are few, but critical and a bit quirky like an excerpt out of De Giulio’s own designer’s journal. He takes his audience behind the scenes explaining his challenges, his thinking, his choices, his process, and, ultimately, his belief that kitchens are becoming more central to American homes and home life than ever before.

Mick De Giulio learned the craft of wood-working at his father’s shop. Some 39 years later, he is now recognized internationally. His clients include CEOs, celebrities, and the otherwise well-to-do. De Giulio’s widely-published work has been featured on HGTV, and CNN. His design for Siematic is in the house of the vice president in Washington DC.

Mick De Giulio rethinks everything from the refrigerator door to the kitchen sink.
             —Lily Barberio and Chris Quinlan, Food & Wine

Whether you cook or order in, you will want a De Giulio kitchen—clients boast
about them the same way they do their collections of fine art.
             —Samantha Brooks, Robb Report