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"By embedding the work of creative artists in the city's physical landscape and bringing lively performances of theatre, music and dance to its neighborhoods, Public Art in Los Angeles has made the arts a part of the daily lives of all Angelenos."
—Joel Wachs, President, Andy Warhol Foundation

"Art interrupts the mundane."
—John Outterbridge, Artist

"Finding a poem on a bus is like a gift. It makes people realize they are not alone."
—Roni Walter, Metro Bus customer

By now, most everyone is familiar with the graceful curves of a building designed by Frank O. Gehry. Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall posed extraordinary challenges to ironworkers. With the building skin stretched tight and tolerances shaved to a thousandth of an inch, there was simply no room for typical industry tolerances. The new breed of ironworker relies on tools as ancient as hammers and as modern as lasers yet the muscular forms of these fearless workers defying gravity hundreds of feet above the ground is testament to the great unchanging tradition of their trade.

Photographer Gil Garcetti had unparalleled free access to the construction site. The personal relationships he developed with the workers over the course of many months and his admiration for their artistry are evident in these moving portraits. Garcetti’s evocative images, reproduced in rich duotones, bring to life the romantic ideal of the heavy industry.

The Author
Gil Garcetti was a member of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for 32 years, ending his term as District Attorney in 2000. During that time he has been an active photographer and observer of Los Angeles’ urban landscape.

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