96 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 inches
100 color photographs
ISBN 0-9643119-1-7
June 1995

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"Rarely approached on any level by rivals in the architectural profession, Greene and Greene are now well served by this loving and poetic look at their masterwork."
--Edward R. Bosley, Author Gamble House

The contagious energy and optimism of the new century spurred architects Charles and Henry Greene and their clients, David and Mary Gamble, to break with tradition in 1907 to create a home that was original and uniquely American. From the circular driveway that lies below the level of the lawn like the bed of a stream, to the furniture and picture frames in the interior, the entire project was conceived as a unified work of art.

The Gamble House is a harmonious composition of related details that become the focus of this unusual book. After an introduction to the Greenes, the Gambles and the house, the reader is taken on a personal, in-depth tour behind the rope stands to examine at close range the artistry and craftsmanship that make this house one of the treasures of the century. Over 100 color photographs using only available light convey the dramatic and ever changing interior of this Arts and Crafts masterpiece. Explore close-up the sterling silver inlaid to precious woods, custom carpets designed to match patterns on rare ceramics, Japanese themed bas relief carved into wall paneling, intricate joinery and delicately pegged furniture. These striking details will be an inspiration to designers and anyone interested in fine craftsmanship.

The Author
Jeanette Thomas has been a member of the Docent Council of the Gamble House since 1977. Ms. Thomas has written materials for the use of visitors touring the Gamble House and for self-guided tours of the surrounding neighborhood, and has developed resources for docent training and the Junior Docent Program which teaches seventh and eighth graders to conduct tours for Pasadena school children.

The Photographers
Los Angeles native Theodore Thomas and Tokyo-born Kuniko Okubo have collaborated as filmmakers on award-winning programs for the Disney Channel, PBS, and the National Geographic television Specials. Thomas and Okubo planned and executed each of the pictures in this book with an eye to the changing patterns of natural light in the Gamble House at different times of the day with a minimal amount of artificial illumination.