by Jennifer Zobelein
A FOREST OF PIPES: The Story of the Walt Disney Concert Hall Organ (Includes Bonus CD)
96 pages
8" x 8"
ISBN: 978-1-890449-43-8
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Among his many accomplishments, Frank Gehry will be remembered as the architect who elevated the organ to be the magnificent centerpiece of his design for the Walt Disney Concert Hall.
— Manuel Rosales, Tonal Designer of the Pipe Organ

Every great organ is the result of extraordinary collaboration, even when the product of a single firm. This organ represents unusually integrated teamwork among the builders, working together with architect, management, consultant, and voicer.— Jonathan Ambrosino, Former President of Organ Historical Society

By now, almost everyone who is with the Disney Concert Hall’s curved metal skin has also seen the cockeyed arrangement of organ pipes that are the brainchild of Frank Gehry. The organ represents the culmination of 16 years of design, planning and construction, and it has been a reverberating success since its inaugural concert in the fall of 2004.

Although compact and visually enticing, this book includes fascinating interviews with the key figures including Manuel Rosales (the Los Angeles organ designer who worked with architect Frank Gehry) and Caspar Glatter-Goetz, (the German organ builder) as well as the architect himself. World famous organists describe their experiences performing on one of the most significant new organs built in the last 100 years.

The book is written for general audiences but contains enough detailed information to satisfy musicians. Illustrations include drawings, course-of-construction photos and final portraits of the finished instrument by photographer Grant Mudford.