Water Is Key
Photography by Troy Fuss
CRUISING LA: Architectural Styles in 5 Easy Drives
64 pages
6" x 11 "
ISBN: 978-1-890449-42-1
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This compact and lovely sketch book was created by architect Bill Fain while on a 6-month Fellowship at the American Academy in Rome. Exploring the city on bicycle and eventually the countryside of Italy, he created in colored pencil this, his 41st sketchbook. The sketches start out modestly, small with a single method and become more developed later on as the momentum of discovery built through the course of the journey. The reader will experience the same sense of discovery as they peruse the pages to find their favorite scene. This book is about growing and experiencing the glories of life; about the passion to know about those that have gone before; about the luxury of time, and setting some of it aside to reflect and to let the other side of the brain take charge, where instinct and intuition reside.

In an age of rapid technological innovation, incessant expediency, digital cameras and computer renderings, the tradition of drawing and assembling an architectural sketchbook seems at once willfully eccentric and charmingly retrograde. But its profound importance to architecture and urban planning endures. For the creative individual, documenting travels through drawing continues to be a valued means of learning to see, understand, and design. By looking again and again, line by line, we discover.
— Richard Koshalek

THE ARTIST – Bill Fain, the director of urban design and planning and managing partner of Johnson Fain, is an architect with an international reputation and a long list of professional honors. He joined Pereira Associates in 1980 as director of urban design, and has served as director of urban design and planning for Johnson Fain since its inception. During his career, his urban design work has been recognized with several National AIA and Progressive Architecture awards. His Greenways Plan for the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area was shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in its “Urban Revision” show. He has won two fellowships from the National Endowment of the Arts, and in 2002 received the Prix de Rome from the American Academy. He has taught at USC, SCI-ARC and UCLA Extension.